Stuff you're likely to see on any given day as we build Clay Ave guitars at our facility in Detroit, MI.

Hand fitting the mating faces between neck and body.

Final inspection of neck tenon before gluing to the body.

One last neck joint check before gluing.

Measuring electronics cavity cover plate depth.

Sanding body back edge radius.

Fitting truss rod before gluing on fretboard.

Gluing neck assembly to the body.

Mounting 1st and 6th string tuners for setting bridge position.

Inspecting body back prior to cutting the body top carve.

Sanding after gluing neck to body.

Truss rod secured and ready to glue on fretboard.

Blending the belly carve and edge radius.

Finish sanding the neck joint after gluing.

Ready for masking prior to spraying.

In the spray booth for base coats.

Sanding between color coats.

Positioning a Bigsby tremolo tailpiece.

In the spray booth and waiting for color coats.

Sanding between color coats.