Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What woods do you use in your guitars?
A:  Mahogany body, mahogany neck, Indian rosewood fretboard.

Q: What kind of finishes do you use?
A: Nitrocellulose lacquer in high gloss and satin finishes.

Q: What colors are available?
A: Black, Seafoam Green, Sky Blue, Coral Pink, Pumpkin Orange, Powder Yellow

Q: Do you make a 7-string version of your guitars?
     A: Not at this time. 

Q: Can you make one of your guitars with (fill in custom feature here)?
     A: We will consider certain custom requests at equally custom up-charges.

Q: Do you have any other models available?
     A: Look for more hollow body and semi-hollow body models in the future. 

Q: Can you make me a custom guitar? 
     A: No. We do not offer custom builds. 

Q: Are your guitars handmade? 
     A: While our building process does include LOTS of traditional, "by-hand" procedures, we do embrace technology in our endeavors. Things like electric light, the motor-car, and yes, CNC technology enable us to bring to the player, a more consistent, more affordable, and arguably better instrument than if we were carving them with knives by candle light. It is also important to note that MOST "hand made" instruments are produced using tools of some kind. Whether it's a rudimentary carving knife or a Computer Numerically Controlled machine, it is still simply an extension of its operator's skill, experience, and creativity.

Q: Where can I try your guitars?
     A: We are available for product demos by appointment. Please contact us to set up a time.

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